Classes for adults

Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes

These classes are designed for adults who want to learn French for pleasure, for work or for a trip to a francophone country.

I offer to study with the textbooks Nickel or Saison. Nickel is designed for adults or university students who want to learn all the details about the French language. Saison is less grammar oriented and more accessible for a foreign language speaker.

Along with the French language, you will learn about French-speaking countries, their culture and traditions. Depending on your interests and needs, I will add other materials, such as short videos, press articles, comics or commercials.

Material: Nickel or Saison

Conversation class

This class is designed for adults who are already familiar with the French language (intermediate and advanced level). It is speaking oriented. The first part of the class is a “Quoi de neuf?” (What have you been up to?). During the second part of the class, we will talk about a newspaper article related to francophone countries/cultures. We will read the text to improve the French pronunciation, discuss the new vocabulary and go over a specific point of grammar. During the last part of the class, we will talk more broadly about the topic of the press article.

Material: a newspaper article that I will send before the class

Preparation for TCF and TEF exams

I am a TCF and TEF evaluator and can help to prepare best for these exams.